How to Connect HP Printer to Mac Wireless

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How to Connect the HP Printer to Mac Wireless

Wireless printers let you use one printer for a number of computer systems, which are connected to Wi-Fi. This eliminates the professional installation and wiring requirements. You can save money for the conventional setting procedure required to connect the HP Wireless printer to the computer system.

If you’re talking about Macs, then the procedure is automatically setup. To do this, you must make sure that you are using a supported HP Wireless printer and your system is connected to the same wireless network. Mac OS X will identify the printer and download the necessary software when needed. Here’s how and steps to connect a printer to Mac Wireless, please read below :

Steps to Connect the Printer to Mac Wireless

Step 1: Connect the wireless printer to the power source and then turn on the printer by pressing the power button. You must enter your password and SSID to connect the network. You can do this via the HP Wireless Printer Setup screen. Each model has a different setting procedure.

Step 2: Now, go to the Apple Menu and select Software Update. Check if the update is available for your system.

Step 3: Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Now, go to “Print and Scan” and click.

Step 4: Now, click the Plus button and then go to the menu and select “Add Printer and Scanner”.

Step 5: Select the wireless printer from the Printers list and then click Add.

Step 6: Now, open one document on your MacBook and select print by going to the file options. If necessary, select your printer by clicking the Change button under the Destination printer section. Now, give the Print command. So the document starts printing.

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