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HP Deskjet 3755 Setup Mac – Sometimes for us, users of printers, do not understand the hell, it may be too complicated how to installer driver printers, including HP DeskJet 3755 printer driver, for those of you who do not understand or complicated. Well, for MAC OS X computer users, you need an active 802.11 that generates a Wi-Fi network as possible to your private network.  Meanwhile, your MAC OS X computer must be attached to the same network on a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Below I can explain how and step that should be used, so read on the explanation below.

  1. Open HP Easy Start after downloading the software. Now, select Set up my Printer and click Accept to know the terms and conditions. Finally, click Continue on the Setup window.
  2. The power button light on the HP DeskJet 3755 printer Control Panel should light up bright and the wireless lamp will blink. If you see the power button is dimmed, it is a sign that the printer is in power-saving mode.
  3. The serial number of the printer you are using will be listed in the Connect Window. Repeat the steps to restore the default wireless settings if your HP DeskJet 3755 printer is invisible.
  4. Select the printer in the Connect window and click Continue.
  5. You’ll see the name of your wireless network (e.g., SSID) in the Connect window after the installation confirms your network configuration with the Join button in between.
  6. Click the merge button if the name and network are correct. The computer is temporarily disconnected from the wireless network when the connection is set after clicking Join.
  7. After that, your device validates the wireless network credentials and starts the HP Easy Start setting up the printer and connecting it to the network. The Join button is replaced by a checkmark if the setting is complete. Now, you can click Continue.
  8. Finally, click on Print Test Page to confirm whether the printer settings are correct. Click Continue after verifying your printer.

Tutorial Video :

Our specialists have prepared a short and precise installation guide for all our printer drivers. This has been done to simplify the process of installing drivers and making them error-free. Although the installation procedure is simple, this is different for each operating system. Therefore, you should read the instruction carefully and run it as described.

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